This site is a collection of stories and research on some of the languages spoken in Hong Kong.

Hakka 客家

The Hakka (客家) community is quite widespread, many living in traditional walled villages, but most living in regular Hong Kong neighbourhoods with concentrations in some key areas. We interviewed speakers from Yuen Long, Sham Tseng, Tai Po,  Sha Tou Kwok,  and Tap Mun.

Shuilo 水佬

The Fisherfolk or the community traditionally know as ‘living on the water’:  Shuilo  水佬 or Shuisheungyan 水上人 (formerly known as Tanka) can be found across Hong Kong. We interviewed communities in Aberdeen, Stanley and Tap Man. 

Waitau 圍頭

The Waitau (圍頭) dialect has been spoken in the territory for over a millennium and has been classified as one of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritages. Much can be learned about Waitau dialect through the Association of Conservation of Hong Kong Indigenous Languages. We interviewed communities in the New Territories around Sheung Shui.

Other dialects

There are many other minority dialects spoken in Hong Kong, may with ties to linguistic communities in mainland china, including the well known Chiuchow/Teochew (潮州) and Hoklo (福佬) communities.